Our Teachers

Ms. Jamie Mitchell,  Principal/Teacher Grades 5 - 8

 Ms. Mitchell joined South Atlantic Conference as an experienced educator. She has served in the leadership role as Principal/Teacher for the 18 years in Christian Education. She is an accomplished Multi Grade Classroom Instructor. She has spent the last 18 years perfecting the multi-grade classroom setting to ensure all students learn and receive differentiated instruction.

Ms. Mitchell earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Andrews University and a Master of Science Degree from Texas A&M University. Ms. Mitchell is certified by the North American Division of Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA), with a Professional Certification in Elementary Education K-8. She earned a Child Care Certification from the Piedmont Virginia Community College.

She holds endorsements in Elementary Education, Junior Academy Religion, English and History. She has been a Coordinator for Big Brothers and Sisters Association and opened an After-School Program in her neighborhood to assist students with homework. Ms. Mitchell has also been an assistant Treasurer, Vacation Bible School Instructor, Stewardship Leader, and Pathfinder Leader.

Ms. Mitchell believes that her excellent classroom management skills add to the success of student achievement. She works effectively with parents, board members, staff and the community at large to enhance a well-rounded educational experience for all students.

Ms. Mitchell’s Philosophy of Education Is that every child should be challenged to their fullest potential yet have room to grow and expand on their own. Ms. Mitchell believes the road to success for any child is to try hard and have total trust in Jesus.

 Ms. Mitchell was awarded Excellence in Teaching Award from Southwestern Union Conference of SDA in 2015.


It is her ambition to inspire [students] with principles of truth, obedience, honor, integrity, and purity--principals that will make students a positive force for the stability and uplifting of society.

Ellen G. White, Education